Let me introduce myself…

My name is Paul Lalonde, President, PML Contracting. I’ve been in business since 1988 and purchased my first dump truck in 1990. We operate our business in the south-end of Ottawa and offer a range of services from excavation, septic installs, automotive repair and much more. We also own and operate a go-kart in Quyon, Quebec, named LE CIRCUIT QUYON. I have personally been involved in motor racing since the early 1980’s and both my children have been regional, national, and international racers since the late 2000’s. My hobbies include motorcycling, snowmobiling and I am a Private Pilot. I am native to Ottawa, born and raised and work in this city that I adore.

Paul’s First Rig in the 90’s
PML Tractor today

Enough about me, onto the pudding…

2022 has seen increased overall expenses in our industry. Price of fuel, parts, trucks, and staff.  It has become unaffordable to work at the rates that have been set for the last 2 years. There have been numerous discussions with aggregate and construction companies by some members of our Executive and our General Manager, Ron Barr. The leaders in conversations have been RWT, Cavanaugh, ASL and Lafarge, who have increased their Tri axle rates to $105.00 per hour. Taggart and Aecon had an increase but not as substantial as some others. These conversations are continued on a bi-weekly basis and tri axle rates will be adjusted to fair market value.


Statistics Canada. Table 18-10-0001-01  Monthly average retail prices for gasoline and fuel oil, by geography


I am proud  and very excited to take on the role as President. I have surrounded myself with a great group of people in forming our Executive. My goal for my tenure is to bring back value to the Association and its Membership. Training, up to date information from various levels of Governments and Ministries that affect our industry, negotiation of rates with our Ottawa Aggregate and Construction companies and most importantly to me, are social events. It would be great to put a face to all the names and Associates, and become a strong community in this great city of ours. If any of you have any questions, concerns or comments, please do not. hesitate to contact me


Regards, Paul M. Lalonde, GOTA President

613 223-2541